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Jessica S.

"Eva is caring and intuitive. She naturally creates a safe space for the exploration of the inner workings of the mind and the heart, and their respective effects on one's focus and inspiration. She has an uncanny ability to suss out the root of resistance, and the in-depth knowledge of the NLP tools that allow her to guide with just the right technique to stimulate motivation and positive change."

Morgan J.

"Eva's guidance far surpassed what I thought possible.

Her attitude is kind and firm: exactly what I needed to help me get unstuck and clear, so I could make significant transitions in my professional life.

Her balanced approach creates space to work through old and unhelpful thought patterns, as well as space to strategize and plan practical next steps.

She provides a wonderful blend of structure and intuition. As a coach, she has very clear direction for the process, but is extremely flexible and responsive to the internal blocks that come up along the way. She has an impressive range of tools that she pulls from, so her approach is highly personal. I'm amazed at how quickly and deeply my inner perspective and outer reality shifted as a result of working with Eva."

Cathryne R.

“Eva has an ability to listen and observe the whole picture, and then immediately translate back what she sees and hears as truly constructive feedback and forward thinking instruction using the NLP tools. She's skilled at simplifying the concepts and zoning in on the most important things to work on to produce real change.”

Alex T.

“Eva is amazing! Her approach integrates intuition and a wide-range of well-practiced tools and strategies. I feel I'm in very capable hands“

Morgan J.

“Eva is fantastic. I tend to overthink questionnaires and she was able to interpret what I was trying to say. She's intuitive and she used her intuition to draw out and pinpoint what I really wanted to work on through all of my ideas in our initial session. Also, she is warm and she makes me feel safe, especially since what I'm trying to achieve has been very difficult for me to date.”

Annie S.

Doing weekly sessions with Eva, particularly during such a stressful and unpredictable time, has been incredibly grounding and has helped me focus on what‘s important in my life. Eva has helped me find clarity and bit by bit is making me aware that certain thought patterns I have, while they may be well intentioned, have been doing me more harm than good. She is not only a great listener, but she’s amazing at guiding me through meditations that allow me to reframe how I look at myself and the world. Most surprising is how quickly I’ve experienced really positive changes since we starting working together.
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