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Be. Love.

Are you ready to start your self exploration journey?

Here is how my journey started.. 

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Do I like my life?

Is this what life is about?

Why am I here?

Am I serving my purpose?

What is my purpose?  

Those questions were bugging my mind. I had just turned 30 and although everything seemed perfect on the outside, had a high paid job, a guy I was in love with, friends family, something was really wrong on the inside. I was feeling trapped and absolutely confused. 


It has been just more than a year since I moved from Thessaloniki to the capital of Greece to pursue a career in the country’s biggest tv network. Considered lucky by others, since the financial crisis was just beginning.


I grew up in a middle class family to an adventurous romantic mom and a down to earth dad; a successful businessman and a well-respected member of his community.

Love them both deeply and will be forever grateful for all the lessons. Good or bad, equally valuable and important. 


I was the youngest in a male-dominated family, I always remember myself respecting the rules. Being obedient and bowing when needed was my second nature, no questions asked, out loud at least. Patriarchy at its best.


My ally, my mom, a free spirit, who after I turned 18 and left the house, she left too and moved full time on her boat, sailing in the Aegean Sea, sometimes facing the forces of the sea and others within her. 


She is still my biggest supporter, my closest friend, and my wisest teacher, sharing with me ancient wisdom (stemmed from her lifetime passion for Greek philosophy). 


She inspired me to “see life as a play”, in contrast to my dad's everlasting concern about “what people would say”, and of living a life that others should always approve of. 


I felt there were 2 parts in me. The skeptical, conservative, and narrow-minded one, and the dreamer, bohemian, curious one. 

They were in a constant battle. 

The only solution……..Disappearing. Going away for a while.

I packed a suitcase and flew from Athens to New York. 


I felt that by going away from everyone and everything, becoming no one in nowhere, I would be able to find the answers that I desperately needed. 


A year later, I returned urgently back home, after receiving the news about my fathers critical health condition. 

A few days later he took his last breath..


Experiencing this particular moment, this moment when there is this one breath and then there isn’t another one to follow was eye-opening. 

The sorrow was so big that it cannot be put in something so small as a word. 

The thirty-year crisis seemed unimportant and a new quest began. I had to understand death. 


As one of my favorite authors, Michael Singer, says “It is truly a great cosmic paradox that one of the best teachers in all of life turns out to be death.” 


After a 10 year self exploration journey practicing various types of meditation, studying NLP and ThetaHealing, doing countless workshops and seminars, I was finally able to answer some of those questions and started to realize the full potential of this miraculous life and its limitless possibilities.


At the end of the day, all it takes is to be able to unlearn all the things you have learned in order to be open for the world to dazzle you. 

Remain curious and ask yourself “What if? What if it's not like that?”

Against all odds, I became a mom in 2017, after 2 miscarriages and doctors saying I can’t have kids with my partner. Guess what I proved them wrong! As if one was not enough, I had my second daughter in 2019. Trust me, we are all capable of the impossible. 


I had to master “letting go”, learn to surrender, trust the energy of life within me, and the connection with the divine. 


At the beginning of the pandemic, when confusion reached its peak, I felt it was time to share with others my own self-exploration journey. Inspire them, guide them, and accompany them in soul-seeking adventures, helping them find their true potential and create their own destiny. 


My biggest passion, engaging in creative dialogues and evolving while empowering others to do so, became a profession. My biggest reward? Witnessing transformations in others and myself. 


I am a strong believer that we can all create miracles. It's all about shifting our perception, letting go of fear, and embracing the love that we already are.  

My mission is to show you how. 

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