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Drinking from the river of light

My thoughts inspired by reading the book "Drinking from the river of light" by Mark Nepo

I meet a lot of people who feel less of themselves because they think they are not creative. In their minds since they are not Picassos, Beethovens or Nepos they are not artistic at all! And I get it, I have been there.

When I first moved to New York 11 years ago that was one of my goals. Get in touch with my creative self, that I thought it didn't exist! (Funny enough I ended up marrying an artist and soon realized he is not that different from me.)

As Nepo says:

“For when we practice our own authentic, open form of expression, we all become artists.”
“For when we express, when we let out what is in, regardless of how, we are drinking from the river of light. And that act, that devotion, allows us to glimpse the fabric of the universe and the web of connection that holds life together. Glimpsing this, we are forever enlivened.”

It was on my 30th birthday that I received a card saying “IT'S OVER HAPPY 30TH BDAY”.

OMG I thought, shouldn't I have all the answers by now? What am I doing with my life? Who am I? Next thing, I am on an airplane flying from Athens, Greece to New York. This is where I will find the answers, I thought. In an 8 million people city, all by myself, my journal was my only friend.

Ha, I realize now, that I always loved drinking from the river of light. I just wasn't aware of it.

For me the river of light runs through all of us. Connects us all with the Creation of all there is, the pure source, the divine energy, the unconditional love.

“A core purpose of dream, feeling, expression, of art itself, is to return us to the ground of the eternal, unchanging principles that we knew in our soul carried by a self.”

I now find myself whispering to my 30 year old self:

Remember, when you struggle to find answers, just return to the light. This white pure light that runs like a river in all of us.

Look inside and as Nepo says “If you can't see what you are looking for, see what's there. It is enough”

Just take a big breath in and listen..

Listen with your ears...

Feel with your heart deeply feeling..

And Trust....”


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